Unit of Regenerative Medicine

The history of medicine has shown constant evolution with scientific advances in every era. One of the latest is advances in Regenerative Medicine using cell therapies. This great revolution of the 21st century has benefited a multitude of medical specialties. With the discoveries in cellular and molecular biology made during the last 50 years and above all, advances in the safe use of adult stem cells, it could be said that medicine has evolved more in the last 20 years than in the last 20 Centuries.

All this has given rise to more natural, efficient and effective medicine, enhancing the mechanisms of regeneration to the detriment of those of repair that have prevailed until recently. Regenerative Medicine offers the ability to improve and restore damaged tissues, both from illness and injury.

The starting point is adipose tissue, which is an important source of cell groups from which we may isolate adult mesenchymal stem cells in a safe and effective way. These cells enable regenerative, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory abilities that can be used in the disciplines of Trauma and Sports Medicine, opening the door to a new therapy based on the same method of healing that our own body uses to rehabilitate a sports injury or trauma.

Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital is committed to this new medicine with the creation of its first Regenerative Medicine Unit using facilities adapted to the specialist recovery of sports and other injuries and introducing a multidisciplinary team offering the right tools to achieve optimal results.