Conventional X-ray equipment allows us to offer static radiography studies for areas of the body.

We are able cover the needs of several medical and surgical specialties, and can take images of the skull, ears, mastoid, cavum, nasal cavity, face and sinuses. Also of the neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, upper and lower extremities, Cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccyx bones in the spinal column, X-ray of the column dynamics (functional, bending test etc), Shoulder including special shoulder projections and  Scaphoid projections.

CAT Scans

Computerized Tomography (CT) is equipment used in imaging diagnosis, and has the enormous virtue of obtaining images in cross section to the axis of the human body all with great definition and detail of the different anatomical structures present in those sections. These images, known as axial tomography, allow the medical specialist to make a precise and rapid diagnosis of the different symptoms that may present in a patient.

Our CT equipment is the OPTIMA CT660, it is a qualitative leap in diagnostic use of CT imaging in the Province as it is the first system allowing great coverage with ultra-low dose.

So successful is this machine, we obtain a saving of delivered X-ray doses of up to 82% in some studies and also show a considerable improvement in the quality of the imaging during acquisition and reconstruction of the images.

In the field of hospital institutions, Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital will be a leader in CT technology in the province, as no other centre can offer the applications and services that we have using this system of high image quality. This benefits not just our routine applications but especially advanced coronary imaging, and allows for the elimination of sedation in children and delivers low doses to this at-risk group...

Portfolio of services

Computed Axial Tomography allows us to study the image of various parts of the human body with the advantages exposed by the technique and equipment compared to other imaging techniques, we will perform:

CAT scans of the Central Nervous System:

Skull; Radiosurgery guidance, sella turcica, Orbit, Paranasal sinuses. 

face; ATM, jaw; processes, ears, mastoid.

Dental, Face / skull biopsy; 3D reconstructions; 

Multiplanar reconstruction 

Cervical, dorsal and lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx; Spinal biopsy.

Column infiltrations; TSA angiography and skull angiography.

  • TAC neck: Neck (pharynx, larynx, vocal cords, etc.);
    Neck biopsy; 3D reconstructions and multiplanar reconstructions.
  • TAC of the chest, abdomen and pelvis:
    Chest; abdomen; pelvis; Thoracic aortic angiography; Abdominal aortic angina; Iliac artery angiography; TEP angiography; Thoracic venous angiography; Abdominal venous angiography; Thoraco-abdominal; Abdominal-pelvic; Thorax-abdomen-pelvis; Calcium quantification; Coronary-ography; Contrast x-ray of the intestine; Assessment of pulmonary nodule; 3D reconstructions; Multiplanar reconstructions; Dynamic CTs; Aortic prosthesis studies; Thoracic structures biopsy; Abdominal structures biopsies; Pelvic structures biopsy; Percutaneous drainage of abscesses and collections and ablation with radiofrequency lesions.
  • TAC - Colonoscopy and Bronchoscopy.
  • TAC extremities: Upper and lower extremities; 3D reconstructions; Multiplanar reconstructions; Joint measurements; Dynamic joint studies; clavicle; Sternum-clavicular joint; scapula; Complete bone series, functional studies and cardiac studies.

In short, the CT team is ready to cover all medical and surgical specialties.