Our treatment regime consists of three main parts

  • Surgical Anaesthesia – We always review any anaesthetic procedure using a rigorous preoperative procedure to review the best plan for the individual. Rest assured the quality of the medical equipment and material offered, assures the best treatment all times. Many potentially painful procedures and minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, endoscopy, radiology and other diagnostic tests may be performed with sedation offering minimal risk to the patient.
  • Resuscitation – The Ability to deal with emergencies before, during and after anaesthesia and the ability to stabilise a patient's condition is paramount in our thinking and procedure. We are also well versed in the practice of recognition and management of life-threatening arrhythmias including defibrillation and drug therapy.
  • Pain Treatment - Lead by our team of great doctors, we are committed to finding the best ways to treat patients in the perioperative period and to treat those with severe pain whether that be after surgery, chronic or cancer pain.