Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital

The Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital was designed and created with the intention of equipping the Costa del Sol and especially Marbella, with a unique medical facility. Incorporating advanced technology and a highly qualified medical team into a special and exclusive building, it offers a unique medical service to a demanding clientele who seek both innovative and advanced treatments, alongside high quality care.

Hospital Services

  • Renowned Specialist Doctors
  • The most advanced medical equipment
  • Immediate access to diagnostic tests and specialist doctors
  • A gourmet menu designed to help your rehabilitation
  • Luxurious private rooms.
  • 3 Operating Theatres, including a Hemodynamic Operating Theatre
  • Over 30 Medical Specialists
  • Private parking

Medical departaments

Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital offers you a wide range of medical specialties, led by renowned doctors, with English-speaking staff and the most advanced medical technology

Contact us

You can call (+34) 951 83 37 97 or you can contact the following form: