• Great Comfort and Well Being

    Quiet, luxurious private rooms, offering the best of comforts.
    The best English speaking doctors and nurses

  • We care about you

    A comfortable bed, that can be adjusted to suit you with high quality bedding

  • We cover all your needs

    A large space to rest or welcome visitors, with a large flat TV screen
    to while away the hours of recovery

Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital

The Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital was designed and created with the intention of equipping the Costa del Sol and especially Marbella, with a unique medical facility. Incorporating advanced technology and a highly qualified medical team into a special and exclusive building, it offers a unique medical service to a demanding clientele who seek both innovative and advanced treatments, alongside high quality care.

Hospital Services

  • Free parking
  • Easy and fast Access
  • On-the-spot tests without waiting
  • Surgical interventions programmed in a short period of time
  • Personalized for each case and culture
  • Rooms equipped for your companion to feel at home
  • Rooms with TV and Internet
  • Value-added services such as daily newspapers
  • Direct pick up from the airport, AVE, etc. for free
  • Whether on mobile UVI, car or even Helicopter

Medical departaments

Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital offers you a wide range of medical specialties, led by renowned doctors, with English-speaking staff and the most advanced medical technology

Contact us

You can call (+34) 952 81 18 18 or you can contact the following form: